Big Ideas from the Epistles

Section 7


Salvation is found only through Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross
The power of the Holy Spirit enables Christians to live righteous lives
1 Corinthians
Follow Christ first, not Christian leaders
God uses ordinary people
Spiritual Gifts should be used carefully
2 Corinthians
God loves reconciliation
Giving is an act of obedience
Beware of false teachers
God doesn’t always remove trials from people’s lives
God’s grace is for people of all nations
Jesus died for our sins
The Spirit empowers people to live holy lives
Believers live for God rather than themselves
God gives his people a purpose for living
Christians are created to do good works
Believers are members of the same body – the church
Christians fight a spiritual battle; God provides the weapons
Believers can have joy in the middle of suffering
Believers model humility and service to others
The goal of the Christian life is eternal life in heaven
Beware of false teachers

1 Thessalonians
Believers can expect to suffer for their faith
Christ’s return will be unexpected
2 Thessalonians
Christ’s coming will be preceded by the arrival of the antichrist
1 Timothy
Beware of false teachers
Godliness with contentment is the measure of true riches
2 Timothy
Believers can rely on the authority of scripture
False teachers threaten the church
Christians are to extend grace and forgiveness, just as they received from God
Conversion transforms people
Believers can expect to be challenged in this life
God uses hardship to discipline his children
Trials produce maturity
True believers bear the fruit of the spirit
God will answer the prayers of the faithful
1 Peter
Christians should endure persecution
Suffering tests one’s faith
2 Peter
Beware of false teachers
1 John
False witnesses deny Christ
Christians should enjoy fellowship with one another
God answers prayer
Believers love one another in words and actions
2 John
Beware of false teachings
Hospitality among Christians is vital
Love others
Beware of false teachers
Christians must educate themselves in the faith