Jude’s Letter to New Christians


Chapters: 1
Author: Jude, a (half) brother of Jesus
Only after the crucifixion and resurrection, did Jude become a follower of his half-brother, Jesus.
Jesus had several brothers, including James and Jude. James is better known, since he was a prominent leader in the church at Jerusalem. Much less is known about Jude, but he too was clearly a church leader, since he wrote to believers with authority in this letter that bears his name.
Audience: This epistle of Jude is directed to the whole society of Christians of that time, lately converted to the faith of Christ, whether from Judaism or paganism.

Purpose: Jude is another warning against listening to false teachers and false teaching.
Jude’s purpose in his letter was twofold:
• he wanted to expose the false teachers that had infiltrated the Christian community,
• he wanted to encourage Christians to stand firm in the faith and fight for the truth.
Jude communicates that false teachers needed to be condemned and removed from the church. He saw within the church people and practices that were worthy of condemnation, including rejecting authority and seeking to please themselves.